Milky's back; Where are the cookies?

marți, decembrie 29, 2009

Hmm, hi everyone. Ya, I know. I'm back. Fresh, happy and willing to smile.
I am so fucked up... in a good way. First of all, Merry Christmas dudes. A bit late, but that doesn't matter. Secondly, I wish you were happy this Christmas. Now let's return to the boring stuff.

Vienna was amazing. Budapest was great. The holiday was incredibly... gorgeous. I've seen Schonbrunn and Hofburg Palaces. I've seen many Xmas Squares with interesting souvenirs and traditional food. I've tried some... really impressive.

What else shall I say? Go there if you can, it's worth it. Never come to Romania instead of going anywhere else. They have cookies, we don't, ROFL. There are some places worth to be visited here as well, so don't take it serious.
I've also written a poem, which I think it's the longest poem I've ever written.
And I also have some final conclusions after this short yet interesting holiday.
1.Hungarian (Budapest) boys are cute. Very cute and sexy.
2.I can write better when I'm sad. The inspiration of writing is different and... makes me write better stuff.

Who could ever think crying will bring happiness? Well, I know it seems weird but it did for me. It seems illogical but it's true. Didn't you cry one and then felt free? Well, it's the same with me, only that the sadness transforms into happiness.

That's another story though. Maybe Imma say it sometime soon. Or maybe I'll keep it for myself.

3.Some chairs aren't comfortable at all :))

Anyway, now I'm back and before I leave, here it is this weeks' Rainbow themed picture. (Not like you missed it but meh, a stupid idea of mine that you like them xD, that's why I keep posting them)

"Paint your own Life and Live in your own world."

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  1. well come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yay, thank you very much. Didn't expect a comment so soon.

  3. I made you a cookie..but i ate it.

    good that you had fun...i wanted a manga, you know?
    where's my manga????




Ce e AGK?

Am pornit AGK pe cînd aveam 15-16 ani. A trecut ceva timp de atunci și mă tot frămînt pentru că nu mă mai consider un Kiddo. Îmi plăcea enorm să scriu pe atunci. Acum mi se pare că orice aș spune au spus și alții deja, că nu transmit nimic nou. Știu că există alți adolescenți LBGT out there care habar nu au unde să înceapă să citească, să se informeze, care nu știu cu ce se mănîncă toată chestia asta, care nu au curajul încă să admită lor înșiși că sunt gay, darămite să se pregătească de coming out. Iar Another Gay Kiddo ar trebui, poate, să fie locul în care să înceapă să facă fix acest lucru. Viziunea mea de 2 ani încoace e ca AGK să fie un loc în care adolescenții să găsească răspunsuri și opinii.