Saturday's special Christmas hugs

duminică, decembrie 13, 2009

It started just like any other Saturday morning. With me waking up at almost 10 o'clock when I was supposed to be already on my way to meet Budi. I quickly shaved myself while dancing around the house on Smash Mouth' song - All Star. Then dressed and went to take the bus. Yes, the same bus I usually take when I go to school.
Surprise! Snowflakes were dancing their way down to the ground where they were supposed to disappear.
Too cold outside. And I put the wrong jacket on me. Too late to go back and change it. I was already freezing on the half way to the station.

Anyways, we finally met, went to see the Christmas Presents Exhibition then we figured our way into 3 bookstores where we stared at some books. She bought some presents as well. The best things that happened yesterday were the ... 2 surprises she made me. Um, she gave me a book -_- damn her. Just ruined my Christmas Holiday. Just kidding. It'll help spread the boredom while on the way to Vienna.

The best part is just about to come.She knew I wanted to join the FHC and bring a smile on people's face so she made me a "Free Christmas Gifts" Banner. Yay ^_^.
Guess what we've done with it. If your answer is "nothing" then you're wrong. We've set a smile on our faces and started hugging people. Some accepted, some started smiling, some just passed by us. We had so much fun. We've seen enthusiastic people, people that really needed a hug these days.
Because in this busy world, they forgot how it is to smile, how it is to stand up a second a say "Today can be a better day if I want to".

We've also met a group of very funny and very willing to help foreigners (they were like 6) which in fact joined us at the subway. We kept hugging people, talked and smiled. The best thing I could do is bringing a smile on those people faces while just sitting there and keeping the banner with "Free Christmas Hugs" up.
And I'm proud of it. Damn, I am really proud of it.

Yesterday's conclusions:
1.People can read.
2.Some people don't know English.
3.We can have fun while making other people happy.
4.We can help making this world better.
5.I and Budi rullz! :D Right, Budi?

I am sorry, I have no pic at the moment. If I'm lucky enough I'll get some from the foreigners. Cause we also took some pictures together.

It's really like I dreamed of it. I am part of something big now. Something that not only helps me keep my positive mood, but helps others. And makes all of us happier.

"Paint your own Life and Live in your own world."

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  1. I only knew you wanted to molest people because somebodyyyyy doesn't hug you, don't make me sound prettier! XD
    Conclusion 5. BUDI and you rulz XD

    God..this is my 3rd nickname XD

  2. I will hug you "son of a biscuit" until you die. :3. Trust me. Budinca,Budinci, Budi :D =))



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