Tangerine peel when things go bad.

miercuri, decembrie 09, 2009

What is up? Well, many things are up.
Like, I was late at my Informatics Exam. And I've been pretty sad this beginning of week.
But  music cheered me up. I've been listening to music, and it really cheered me up. And I think I know realize why I've been sad. Because I didn't speak to Budinca in awhile, and also because Naty and I had a fight. So no friends around = bad mood. Well, things are good now. Well, not that good, because I miss him, but the music helps me smile everyday when thinking on him.

Crowd. I can't believe I live in such a crowded city. I've almost missed my exam, and today I had to skip something to go to the high school.

Vienna. Imma go to Vienna this Christmas. I won't spend my Christmas there, but I will see it. And Budapest as well. I really hope it will be gorgeous.  What am I saying? Of course it will be.

And the most interesting thing that happened to me is that today, my classmate A. which happens to stay right next to me, offered me some tangerine peel after I've been amazed when I saw him eating it. And I said Yes. I don't regret it. I remember that after eating it my mouth was so "refreshed". I liked it. And it tasted nice.

From the category "Things that cheered me up" I shall include the fact that someone told me I'm always thinking on boys. I was not! I was only thinking on Dani... Ok, I admit it.I miss him. We haven't talked for a week! But this makes me so anxious to talk to him. And I like it.

What has happened to you these days?

"Paint your own Life and Live in your own world."

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  1. I've tried tangerine peel after you told me this. It was strange and bitter and not cool XD.
    And it can be dangerous, you know..all those chemicals that they use on fruits?XD
    Whatever, maybe we'll try it together sometime :))

  2. I'd really want to! Why are you so pessimistic these days? I'll make sure it will have a nice taste.



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