What am I thankful for?

luni, noiembrie 30, 2009

USA and other countries in the world are celebrating the Thanksgiving this period of year. Most of you might already know this stuff, so let's get to the most interesting part, where I tell you what am I thankful for.

Well, there are a few things I am thankful for: 

I am thankful I exist so:
Thank you God for loving me. I personally think I owe Him everything. I know I don't have the time to pray all the time, not for me, but for others, but I think about him, and in every action I take, I am trying to do only what's good. Thank you, God, for making me the one I am. Some will say you hate me for being homosexual, but I know you love me.

I am thankful I do have someone to think of when feeling lonely so:
Thank you Dani, for being such a wonderful boyfriend. Thank you for showing me what true love is. Thank you for understanding me, for being such a good confident. Thank you for always bringing a smile on my face no matter how sad I am and being more open to me lately.

I am thankful I have true friends to speak with and share my mood so:
Thank you Budinci for being such an important person in my life right now. Thank you for being there when I needed you, thank you for always talking to me and encouraging me, thank you for always making me laugh, and more more these days, thank you for crying along with me making me feel better when we are together and thank you for cheering me up. Thank you for being a true friend.

Also, thank you Naty - I think our real friendship is just about to start. But thank you for being one of my friends from the beginning, when I barely knew someone.

I am thankful I can share my opinions somewhere and there are people who read 'em so:
Thank YOU for reading this blog. I might not know you, and you might not know me. But thanks for taking your time to read this. It means a lot to me if you find the information here useful, even though they share my personal thoughts and might only reflect the attitudes I have at some points in my life.

I am thankful for everything that has happened until now, even for bad things.Thank you, people whom from time to time I cannot suffer, or I can't stand to see, because I now realize how stupid am I or how hypocrite I might seem. But those are only periods of my life. I will always change my mind, and if possible I will try to make up to you for those times when I've saddened you.

Thanks for every threaten I received. They helped me become who I am right now. They taught me life isn't easy in general. But they also taught me it deserves to be lived. For the sake of doing something good in this world, for the sake of helping those who need help, life deserves to be lived.

What about you? What are you thankful for? 

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

"Paint your own life. Live your own world."

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  1. Budinca thanks you too.

    I'm thankful..

    ~to my mom, for everything.
    ~to my friends, for all our memories.
    ~to god, for giving me life(i can't believe i said this...).
    ~to the world, for letting me live.



Ce e AGK?

Am pornit AGK pe cînd aveam 15-16 ani. A trecut ceva timp de atunci și mă tot frămînt pentru că nu mă mai consider un Kiddo. Îmi plăcea enorm să scriu pe atunci. Acum mi se pare că orice aș spune au spus și alții deja, că nu transmit nimic nou. Știu că există alți adolescenți LBGT out there care habar nu au unde să înceapă să citească, să se informeze, care nu știu cu ce se mănîncă toată chestia asta, care nu au curajul încă să admită lor înșiși că sunt gay, darămite să se pregătească de coming out. Iar Another Gay Kiddo ar trebui, poate, să fie locul în care să înceapă să facă fix acest lucru. Viziunea mea de 2 ani încoace e ca AGK să fie un loc în care adolescenții să găsească răspunsuri și opinii.